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Lashing chains & tensioners

We supply lashing chains with associated hooks and / or shackles. The load binders are available in various sizes. Lashing chains can be
supplied in any desired length and design.

Product information

Thickness chain:
6 mm / 8 mm / 10 mm / 13 mm
Load binders:
6 mm / 8-10 mm / 10-13 mm (with or without safety bolt).

Load binder

To tense lashing chains
With or without safetybolt
EN 12195-3
Load binder with safety bolt

Long link lashing chains for shipping-use

Long link lashing chains can be used for several applications whereas they are usually designed for lashing on ship or truck.
  • MBL 20T
  • With C-hook
  • Lever
  • Pretension hook for tensioning lever
Chains can be delivered in required lengths.

Different mounting materials possible

For installation on long link chains and for tensioning long link chains.
C-Hook for shipping lashing chains
For lashing of long link chains
Ideal for lashing of heavy loads on ships and trucks
Long links chain, Grade 80, type HLL
Produced according to EN 818 standard, suitable for securing and lashing loads.
Wire cable with lock and year imprint
For sealing containers, trailers, doors, trucks, road tankers. Can be attached with checking labels onto webbingslings, roundslings and chains.
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