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Lifting accessories

Protection for webbingslings and roundslings. Protection against cutting, planing against sharp edges and corners.
Lashing protector for lashing width of 50 mm or 100 mm
PVC protector for lashing width of 50 mm


Increases the possibilities of using textile lifting equipment in the most diverse situations. Protects the textile lifting equipment against chemical influences and damage from, for example, (heavy) machinery.

Most important advantages:

High structure stability
High abrasion resistance
Chemical resistant
Optimal protection against carving and scrubbing
Higher durability of webbing materials
Optimal protection for webbingslings, lashings and roundslings

Universal blue PVC protective cover

  • Protection for webbingslings and roundslings (protects against grinding and cutting of sharp edges).
  • Protection for lashing and cargo fixing systems (protects against grinding and cutting of sharp edges).
  • Water hose (lead in and lead out).
  • Protection for cables, electricity cables and hydraulic hoses.
  • Many other universal purposes.
Standard length:
100 meter on roll
Temperature range:
-10°C to +60°C
According to EN ISO 7751

Most important advantages:

Very strong, light and flexible
UV- resistant
Small roll diameter
High endurance
Almost no stretching

Dyneema covers for webbing protection

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