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Lifting chains and components

All lifting chains are compiled according to the NEN 818 standard and provided with a label and annual seal with WLL, length and serial number. Everything comes with a certificate.

Product information

Lifting strength:
500 kg – 50.000 kg
6 mm – 1.200 mm
Lengths can be as required in different verions.
Available with different hooks and components.

Advantage of using lashing chains

High strength
Abrasion resistant
Available as chain length, 2-, 3- or 4-stranded chains
For many applications and lifting purposes
Available in galvanised steel or stainless steel
Is not affected by oils and fats
User friendly
Easy to inspect for damage


Short linked chain Grade 80 according to EN 818. Mainly used for lifting.

Components for lifting or securing

To connect up to 4 chains or slings.
Easy to assemble roundslings with others lifting equipment.
To be connected to chain with connecting link.
To be directly connected to a chain.
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Veiligheidswartelhaak Grade 80 Type SKS
Aan ketting te bevestigen met verbindingsschalm.
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To be connected to chain with connection link.
To be connected directly to a chain.
For all purposes.
For all purposes.
To seal containers, trailers, doors, trucks, road tankers and to attach checking labels onto webbingslings, roundslings and chains.
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