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All roundslings are manufactured in our production according to the NEN EN1492-2 standard and are provided with color and stripe coding and capacity printing in WLL.

Product information

Breaking strength:
WLL 500 kg – 200.000 kg with safety factor 7
ES= Single woven cover
DV= Double woven cover
DS= Double layered cover
DM= Double woven cover with woven-in breaking strength
Endless up to 120 meter perimeter

Advantages of using roundslings

High strength to weight ratio
Is not affected by oils and fats
Light and flexibel
User friendly
Absorbs shocks
Easy to inspect for damage
No damage to painted surfaces
Ideal for choked application
Resistant to twisting and kinking
Support over the entire length

Instructions for using roundslings

  1. Each rounds should be visually checked for integrity prior to use.
  2. Roundslings should not be used for a larger workload than indicated on the label. If the label is no longer legible, you cannot use the roundsling.
  3. No knots may be tied in roundslings.
  4. In the loaded condition, no folds may occur in the roundsling.
  5. Protective covers should be used if the object to be lifted has sharp edges.
  6. The roundsling must not be exposed to excessive chafing.
  7. A roundsling is not resistant to many chemicals. It is recommended to seek advice when exposed to chemicals and acids.
  8. Roundslings can be used at temperatures between -40°C and +100°C, provided that no chemicals and/or acids are used.
  9. A roundsling must lie in the crane hook in such a way that the belt carries over it full width, does not deform or constrict and cannot be damaged by sharp edges.
  10. Avoid jerky movements.
  11. Submit damaged roundslings to your supplier for assessment; using damaged roundslings can be very dangerous.

Multi-jump roundslings

For hoisting goods on multiple lifting points
Sling width:
25 / 35 / 50 / 75 / 100 mm, as required
As required
2-,3- or 4-jumps, hooks as required, for special demands you can always contact us.
Safety factor:
Meersprong rondstroppen EBotex

Options for label protection on roundslings

PVC-cover, light quality
PVC-cover, high quality
Label with ring, (optional incl. serial number), confirmed with webbing in IMO year-color
Hidden / protected label, polyester, single woven cover
Hidden / protected, polyester label in a double-woven cover.
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