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Lifting nets

We produce lifting nets for many applications. Both for bulk goods (cloverleaf slings) as well as nets for general cargo or machines. All hoisting nets are manufactured in-house and supplied with a certificate.

Product information

Lifting strength:
WLL 250 kg – 10.000 kg
Lashing widths 25-300 mm
Lengths can be as required.
Version with single or reinforced loops. Also with triangles or masterlink as a connection instead of loops for the crane hook.

Always state with your request: length x width, the bandwidth as well as the mesh size and whether you want loops or triangels. Please provide an extra sketch to clarify your wishes and help us to make a quotation quickly.

Advantages of using liftingnets

High strength to weight ratio
Light and flexible
Absorbs shocks
No damage to painted surfaces
Broad support
Resistant to twisting and kinking
Is not affected by oils and fats
User friendly
Easy to inspect for damage
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